It is easy to get offended.

Here are some quotes that I collected to stay calm whenever I feel offended, taking something personally or generally getting pissed off at another person.

Most of thes quotes are paraphrased and written down on an app in my phone and I didn’t bother to note the source.

“Whenever you find yourself being offended, remember that if you had the same background, education, life experience, as the person who offended you, you are likely going to do the same thing.” - Paraphrased probably from Dale Carnegie

“Nobody is going out of their way to offend or harm you. You are simply receiving that as a bonus.”

“There is no conflict. Conflict is harmony at a different level of magnification.” - Alan Watts

My interpretation of conflicts are what is causing my pain or unnecessarily prolonged pain.

That’s it.

Thank you for reading.

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