What is causing my pain recently?

This is taken from a self reflection activity that I’m doing in my journal.

Sharing this here.

I am racing in non race activities.

Getting ahead over other people isn’t a race.

Even if it is, consider these ideas:

Sprinting to get ahead may temporarily get you ahead but often at the cost of your leg capacity.

When your legs get exhausted you will lose your ability to continue running.

This is a classic rabbit and turtle scenario.

If you’re going to think race, think of marathons.

Move forward at a pace that will carry you to the planned end.

You’re allowed to sprint strategically but keep in mind that you still have a distance to go.

I find myself disappointed at myself and worried about the future based on my financial accomplishments.

Put into perspective, my Diablo 2 player is often broke after purchasing items needed to advance through the higher levels. Stacking up on potions before a boss fight sometimes empties the amount of gold in my character’s digital pocket. This is a normal part of the game. This process will result in making back the investment and more.

An entrepreneur is known to take loans and/or shell out a significant amount of money to fund their business ventures.

It’s not too difficult to a Diablo player is it?

Being at this point is scary and if you ever feel depressed or hopeless it’s important to remember that these moments are what makes games like these fun.

Too much wins will get boring. Too much loss will make you quit in frustration.

You get ahead through consistent small steps forward.

You experience variety and challenges often through large dips in your progress.

Down moments are opportunities to upgrade and reflect on what you genuinely want.

There is no shame in giving up on some goals especially after you’ve evaluated them as unimportant.

You win some games but you also lose some games.

What are you committed to winning?

There’s the spiritual game. There’s the fitness game. There’s the financial game. There’s the pleasure game. There’s the productivity game. There’s the social game.

Most games are based on accumulation.

It’s important to remember that what you accumulate an upside may also accumulate a downside in another area so its important to be aware of where things are going so you can stay balanced.

Too much prayer and too little action leads to poverty. Too much contentment leads to poverty. Too much time spent pursuing wealth often leads to a reduced time with fitness, relationships, spiritual and other areas you may say are important. Too much focus on the social game can drain your time and financial resources in exchange for the satisfaction of bragging rights. A little flair and niceness may help your confidence and effectivity but too much can drain your resources.

You can remember to do the following things when you’re experiencing anxiousness

  1. Smart sprint. You’re a sprinter and a climber. More like a sprinter climber so instead of saying don’t sprint. Change that to sprint smart.
  2. Read this post. Seriously, read this post. You may want to do a video as well.
  3. Whatever happens you’ll be okay. God is with you. Death will claim you. That simply means that this game will end one way or another and the struggle is not permanent. So whatever worse case scenario you imagine is not the end of it. Your death will be the end of it and you’ll be at peace. Dead people who are not at peace are only found in fiction. When you lose your ability to influence the world, you’ll begin to accept everything that happens. That is true peace.
  4. Remember where you started. You had limited formal education. Started with six thousand pesos a month. People betrayed you. You failed many attempts to get ahead in your career. Despite all that where are you now? You have achieved every goal you set out to do because of your failures. So treat your failures like a rocket jump. It hurts like hell but it propels you to the other side.
  5. Focus on learning and mastering skills over financial fantasies. Skills get you jobs that pay for start up projects and assets that create wealth.
  6. The wealth is in the goodies and not in the papers. The money is a way of measuring wealth. The physical items and the value you received in exchange of the money is the actual wealth.
  7. Pray and meditate. A state of gratitude is a state where you can’t feel fear and anger. You can’t block out fear and anger but you can alternate that with gratitude.

Thank you for reading.

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