Many organizations promote the idea of giving ten percent in order to gain a better life.

Give God a tenth of your harvest.

Or so the message goes.

And you give 10% to the church or 10% to charty depending on your religious affiliation.

Financial planners tell you to save 10% of your income and set aside another 10% of your income for investments to build a good retirement fund and/or to prepare for your child’s education.

When I try to do it, it’s too difficult.

As a result, I never successfuly do it consistently.

I do this for a few months to a maximum of a couple of years.

Here’s the thing though.

Start with 1% because one is better than zero.

If charity is important to you, give 1% to charity.

I do this because I feel like giving to others makes it easy for me to ask other for money.

When I applied this to my life, asking for money in the form of asking people to buy from me became ten times easier because my mindset is it’s a normal thing to give money to other people and it’s not difficult to ask for more money from other people.

As a side-benefit, all my sales related income increased. Buy one meal from Jolibee and give it to a street dweller. Give tips to a restaurant. Give a fifty instead of a twenty and increase it as you earn more.

If giving to God is important to you.

Give to God through the church or through the poor. I do this because it makes me feel powerful. Like I’m a mortal but I’m giving God money. I’m feeding Jesus when I give to the homeless person sleeping in the streets.

If you need to start saving for your future, start with saving 1% of your income

Start with 1%. Chances are, you’re reading this because you fail at 10%. So just do 1% and get used to it. Increase as you get more successful at doing this.

If you want to have some investment, get investments that only require you to invest 1%

Invest 1% of your time by building systems, in the form of instructions to save you time. Invest 1% of your money buy buying books or online courses that will allow you to increase your income or increase your capacity to save. Some of the books that I’ve bought allowed me to go for higher paying jobs. A good combination of skills when utilized in synergy can transform into a business. Some books allowed me to learn skills that got me to save money by cooking, biking and more.

Starting at 1% is more powerful because you actually start.

If you humble enough to aim low in areas of your life that are not doing so well and stay consistent, you can get to your target in a year or so.

Forget 10% Start with 1%.

Thank you for reading.

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