I end up feeling dread when I say or hear the word problem.

I’ve encountered enough problems to instinctively tense up as other people describe scopes of genuinely complex problems.

The word problem is often associated with all sorts of negative feelings.

A person with high neuroticism such as myself often conjure up nightmare images.

Truth is, problems are often just tasks.

Often, problems in day-to-day life are just tasks without defined instructions.

I suspect that many are considered problems there are missing details that I’ll have to figure out and fill in myself.

Sometimes these tasks can be complex and may require some thought or need to be solved on paper.

I recall a talk by Jim Rohn.

He said Jesus was a miracle worker and that whenever someone came to him with a problem, his response was “No problem!”

I’ve made several problems disappear by giving it some thought and paper.

But that’s for another story.

What I wanted to share here is that problems require solutions.

Solutions are often tasks.

That said, problems can also mean tasks.

Problems are events that require us to do something.

Thank you for reading.

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