I found a deal and bought ten kilos of kimchi.

I ended up eating more servings of rice.

I got super fat in a couple of weeks.

I was exercising but getting fat.

My boxing trainer complemented me for not getting too fat during pandemic.

I quietly took that as an insult.

I did get fat.

I wrapped the measuring tape in my gym bag around my waist.

My waist is 39 inches again.

So I decided to skip rice and go back to my low carb diet.

I wrote up an eating plan and see if I could hold it longer than 30 days.

I started last Sunday, July 4, 2021, in case you’re wondering.

Here’s my menu.

Meat + Eggs + Kimchi

I wanted to keep my menu simple and easy to make.

Potassium + Magnesium + Sodium

Removing carb from your diet triggers your body into expelling a lot of electrolites.

Here’s what I’ve eaten in the past few days.


  • beef strips
  • Gordon Ramsay-style scrabled eggs (4 eggs + 30g butter)
  • kimchi


  • beef strips
  • kimchi


I found myself satiated with what I decided to eat in the past few days.

I might introduce other parts like liver, heart, ground beef, steak to give myself variety.

However, I’ve met people who only ate beef and salt.

I found myself not hungry by the third day and have mostly adapted to the transformation.

I previously maintained the carnivore diet from September to December with no issues and lots of fat loss but let go during the Christmas season.

I found the kimchi to help neutralize the richness of beef fat.

The eggs are mainly there to serve as bonus fat + protein as an all meat diet can be expensive at times.


I’ll buy the Korean style beef strips from my nearby supplier.

They sell it for ₱560/kilo and I eat about 1/2 kilo in a day.

I previously ate a full kilo of beef in a day on carnivore.

I’ll get my meat delivered moving to maintain my supplies.

I’ll buy eggs from a local supplier and have it delivered.

I’ll buy butter from the groceries.

I’ll buy kimchi from the same Korean store.

I’ll also have a cheat day once a week.

My cheatdays will be Saturday or Sunday depending on the special occassion.

The next problem is getting sleep as the low-carb high fat diet gives me incredible boosts of energy at awkward times of the day.

I’ll use melatonin and shower before going to sleep.

I’ll do some slow weight lifting upon waking up to expend the energy.


Continue enjoying my Sangyupsal and Gordon Ramsay style eggs.

Research more low carb options.

Research alternates to kimchi.

I’m considering tuna and mayo or chicken and mayo as alternates to the egg butter combo.

I feel like creating fat bombs form the beef oil that I’ve accumulated.

Thank you for reading.

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