April and May is a crazy month for me.

I found out through Instagram stories that the dude who’s really nice to me at the gym passed away.

The next week, one of my closest friends passed away.

I can’t even visit him because of the situation.

My dad passed away a few Mays ago as well.

I think I’m supposed to have some celebration of his life and visit his grave but I don’t have the energy for anything else right now.

I’ve kept my composure.

I continued working and performing my duties.

My favorite author passed away next.

The story that helped me soldier on past life’s struggles has become an unfinished series.

It’s crazy hot these days and I’m having trouble getting sleep.

Our sales have also taken a dip so I’m working harder to get more clients.

The combination seems to be breaking down my composure.

“This too shall pass,” my brain reminds me of this wise saying.

I don’t know about that.



I don’t know.

I often find myself just shutting down all forms of existential and philosophical questions.

I just continue working.

We’ll continue our forward march toward the grave anyway.

This is a really negative post.

I’m just leaving this here for documentation.

Thank you for reading.

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