People ask me about side-hustle recommendations.

I’ve tried and failed at many things.

Here’s what has worked for me so far and how I plan to continue earning multiple income streams moving forward.

What do I consider when deciding on my side hustle?

Here are important details to remember about my approach.

Low-stakes and low-commitment activities.

My recommendations only require a few hours a week and can be done over the weekend. Chances are, you don’t need fancy equipment to start.

You’ll need to boil eggs for the food business.

You’ll use your smartphone to sell items online.

You’ll use your notebook to write and occasionally rent a computer or type from your smartphone if you’re offering writing services.

Opportunity to learn useful life skills.

Cooking is useful whether you use it to earn or not. You’ll save money long-term and get to eat healthy because you understand what goes into meal prep.

Selling is beneficial no matter what job you join. Sales skills helped me win high-paying job interviews, even if my skills were just average.

Writing skills are a superpower for almost any job. Your ability to explain ideas clearly makes you stand out from the crowd in practically any setting.

Computer and tech skills are a requirement for most jobs today so learning about computers, websites, social media, and online marketing is extremely useful if you’d like to earn dollars from home.

Fitness and martial arts help protect your body and general well-being. People are less likely to take advantage of you if you look fit, have good posture, and are not threatened easily by others.

Side-hustle build-order progression

Short-term side-hustle

Learn to cook. Sell food. Start with simple recipes that don’t require expensive gear or ingredients. I sold boiled eggs and later grew my menu at work. I expanded to egg-mayo sandwiches and eventually pasta and salad. I never recommend opening a restaurant because of rent and other costs. Do not open a restaurant. Have the food delivered or picked up by the customers.

I wrote more details about how I made money selling eggs at work.

Medium-term side-hustle

Make a list of all your belongings. Take photos in good lighting. Sell everything on FB marketplace and Carousell. Lower the price of items you don’t use to convert clutter into money. Increase the price of items you don’t feel like letting go of. Use this activity to practice sales and writing skills.

I wrote more details about how to make money selling items

Medium to long-term side-hustle

Buy a smartphone and computer if you don’t have those already. Practice writing and recording videos. Focus on: 1. Writing detailed step-by-step instructions. 2. Sharing stories. You’ll improve after investing a few hours a day over a ten-year period. Then you’ll afford an iPhone and a MacBook pro. You’ll also unlock mass marketing skills using technology and possibly build a decent amount of followers and fans. You’ll also gain access to unlisted higher-paying jobs.

Long-term side-hustle

Pay a gym instructor to teach you fitness for two years (or attend a CrossFit class if you’re on a tight budget) and (only if you can afford it) study Jujitsu. You’ll likely spend ₱1,000,000 over twenty years. However, you’ll build confidence, you’ll meet VIPs, it’s not as boring as golf, you can teach Jujitsu when you’re older, and you can earn anywhere from ₱1M to 2M per year doing private lessons and holding classes in your garage.

Also, these skills will give you fundamental business skills.

You can use your income to learn other skills, and your late-game business is a culmination of all your skills.

What’s the worst-case scenario?

You’ll save 36k a year because you know how to cook.

You’ll save ₱120k rent a year because you don’t own many items.

You’ll likely earn an extra ₱200k a year selling products or services.

You’ll save 120k a year on gym memberships and martial arts classes. You also save money on health costs because you’re under peer pressure from being around people who care for their health and fitness. You’re less likely to become a victim or a target—also, confidence against bullying skyrockets.

Thank you for reading.

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