When I was younger I was attracted to get rich quick stuff who disguise themselves as financial education.

The truth is it often takes 5-10 years to get good at what you do.

There’s more to life than speeding up.

That saying had been so overused we are no longer sensitive to what it means.

There’s get rich quick.

There’s make money while you sleep.

There’s this secret to being wealthy.

We get attracted.

We buy the book.

We pay for training hoping this wise guru will bestow us with their wisdom.

There is nothing to learn.

If you’re reading this blog, there’s a good chance that everything we need to know about success is already in you.

Do you provide a great product or service?

Do you do everything well?

Are you reaching out and telling people about your offer?

Are you doing the right things in your business?

Then there it is.

Consider another important area in your life.

Consider your health.

There’s no get fit quick when it comes to health.

Good health is a consequence of many habits that slowly contribute to good health.

Eat right.

Get enough sleep.


Think about relationships.

Initiate contact but give a person enough time to get accustomed to you.


Invest in the person.

Think about your work.

There’s no get rich quick at work.

Do the most important thing.

Set short deadlines.

Play the long game.

Slow down.

Don’t put yourself into unnecessary risk just to speed up your progress because chances are speed is bad for you.

One last thing. I’m pretty sure you might have a rebuttal about people who mastered their craft and do things really fast.

These people have mastered their craft at the slow pace to the point that they have it perfectly and memorized to the point that speeding up has little consequence but yeah, takes years to get there.

Thank you for reading.

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