One thing I learned is it’s okay to let go of some old tech and replace it with a new one.

If you work in a job where your time is worth a lot or your hourly rate is significant, you don’t want to be using slow computers and phones.

As long as you’re buying reasonably new gear, you’ll be fine.

I recently pulled the trigger and bought the latest version for my laptop.

It’s incredible how a 2018 Macbook Air with a 1.6 i5 processor and 8gb ram outperforms a 2012 Macbook Pro with a 2.5ghz i5 processor and 16gb ram.

The older laptop takes three minutes to boot and the newer one takes less than thirty seconds and that factors in how my password in the newer device is longer.

I also enjoy how the newer device is lighter and has better battery life.

First off, the charger of the new laptop is way lighter than the older one.

The incredibly battery life means I don’t need to worry about charging for 8-12 hours.

That means, as long as I fully charge my device at home and I don’t exceed eight hours, I’ll be fine leaving the charger at home.

That being said, my pack is way lighter now and I am less dependent on chargers and wall outlets.

As for phones, I decided against getting the latest and greatest this year.

I still upgraded my phone (iPhone 6s 16gb model) to an iPhone 7 128gb which is a good deal (friend is selling the higher capacity model for really cheap.) and the new phone was plenty fast and the storage was a big upgrade for me.

If you’re into iPhones, as long as you don’t genuinely need a feature (I’m talking about work requirement), you can get away with buying three generations down for $300-$400 max (got mine a little less) and enjoy yourself on the upgrade.

Doing so allows you to get a new phone every 1 year to 1.5 years and pay the same amount as long as you only get the next model.

Now what does this have to do with minimalism?

Prior to this I’ve been trying to get my gear for under $200 and end up buying a bunch of extras because of a weakness in the phone I bought.

For example, my previous phone had low capacity and I take a lot of videos.

I have and extra Android for that purpose to take video. Has it’s own wires and charger.

I keep my 8 year old iPod Touch to play music. Has it’s own wires and charger.

I use an iPad mini for games, reading, video.

I also bring a powerbank with me all the time.

I bring a bluetooth keyboard and pocket wifi.

I sometimes bring an extension cord to work from coffee shops.

With this list, you should be able to imagine how bulky my bag got.

With my newer phone and computer, the battery life is boosted, as a consequence, I get to leave the house without any chargers and keep less gear with me while I’m on the go.

I only carry my phone, laptop and AirPods if I need to work outside (still bring the pocket wifi and a charger/powerbank if it’ll be in a Starbucks).

Oh yeah, if you don’t want to buy or pay for airconditionining, work from a coworking space or a Starbucks.

Thank you for reading.

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