Today I deleted a game I’m addicted to. It felt bad before I did and it felt great after. I was spending way too much time there do it had to go. Just like I did with Facebook. I may not know the ending or get to see the end of my progress but it feels great that I’m now able to write this. This is the reason why I got this iOS device. So I can write for you.

My favorite lesson and my hardest struggle from Tim Ferris’ Four Hour Workweek is the art of non finishing. This simply means stop doing the unimportant because they use up your time, energy, attention and other really important resources and cripple you from doing what matters.

I like a lot of things. I then realized I’m addicted to a lot of things. I feel the need to let go of some of these things so I can move forward with what I need to keep doing. Let go Kevin. It’s just a game. I tell myself. You can have those powers in real life if you’re willing to do something about it. People are waiting for your uploads. Fine fine. I tell myself. Let’s eliminate a few more distractions.

We don’t need to finish everything. Putting things down helps so you can use both hands for what you want to work on.

What addiction would you like to kill?

Thank you for reading.

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