Seen this photo before? I am learning to be thankful.

A year ago I had…

Owned lots of things I didn’t want to keep (mostly clutter) Done everything all at the same time. Lots of clutter. Procrastinated everything. Hated working. Hated not doing something. Been super inefficient. A job that didn’t pay well. Lots of projects that didn’t make any profit. Spent mindlessly. Credit Card Debt. No savings. No way to save. Only dreams of losing weight. A couple of empty blogs nobody reads. No contact with my dad. No friends near the house. A lot of hate over people who owe me money. Only dreams of traveling to Baguio. Only wanted this lamp. No laptop. (Everything’s saved on a USB, Emailed to myself or uploaded to Dropbox) No nice notebook. (I wrote on paperclip bound index cards or scratch paper) No iPod Touch. A hard time uploading photos. No internet connection. No good relationships with my family. Not met any blogger friends. No unique wordpress theme. Only wanted to learn to not need to organize my things. Only read about tech and minimalism. Only wished to participate so I can enjoy the benefit myself. Three twitter followers. No Google Plus. Been super addicted to facebook. No Your Name dot com website.

None of the links of the accomplishments are intended to brag. I only want to show you that its possible for you too. At the start of last year I was only wishing about these things. If you noticed some of the post a lot of them is me talking to myself wishing to have the changes now. I have a lot of them now.

Julien Smith said in “The Flinch” We all change slowly. Rest assured we do change. I was feeling crappy a few days ago and when I started to make a list of how things changed, how my situation have changed and how I have changed, I realized that I got everything I wanted from last year and more.

2012 should be a year of contentment for me as I take on new challenges and learn new things. Whether you set goals or not, I believe that whatever it is that you’re working on, you’ll get what you want and more too. Pray. Trust God. Enjoy what’s in front of you. Use what you have. Do what you can.

If for any reason I was unable to explain properly how I did it. Hit me up on twitter or email me and I’ll do my best to share how I did it.

How was your year? And what are you hoping for for next year?

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