My Elemental Power

Elemental Nature Manipulation isn’t as easy as it looks but learning it can increase the size of the ass you can kick exponentially.

Have you ever complained about others being successful because of their situation?

Do what they do. Don’t look at others. Instead look at your situation and use what you have, do what you can.

Teach yourself. Teach yourself effectively by learning in order to teach your future apprentice. Seriously need to learn? Copy! Martial arts is based on imitation and application.

I’m sure you have more than enough to succeed.

Need advice? Ask me in the comments below. Share your story. I’ll look into it. Maybe give you a strategy for free.

fire and lightning is not the only destructive element. earth can bury you alive water can drown you to death wind can blow you away stinking wind can choke the life out of you. paper can trap/confine you (can be used to trap employees in the office or students in school)

What is your element? Let me rephrase the question. What can you offer?

Thank you for reading.

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