If you’re used to being productive you enjoy the exhilarating feeling from moving with a lot of momentum. We can influence that but sometimes we don’t always get to move toward where we want to go.

Sometimes we get stuck or stopped in our tracks. Many recommend that we push past pain and break through.

I realize I’ve been doing this a few days ago and I’m not really moving forward. All my ideas are now just one sentence quotes and my plans are just plans and I don’t feel like taking action despite keeping things secret.

**What now? ** I’m going the other way and taking a break.

When I take a break I can come back stronger, faster, smarter, and have more endurance.

This strategy worked for me in different situations. If you need rest then maybe you should take a break. Nothing long term or life changing. Just rest and continue that next weekend.

Don’t worry too much about missing opportunities. If you take a break, a stronger and smarter you will be available to grab bigger opportunities.

Isn’t it stressful to force yourself to work when you’re exhausted? How about no longer excited?

Just take a quick break.

Thank you for reading.

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