Imagine the goal that you want to have. Imagine how excited you are to have it. Imagine how things would work out if you had.

Imagine the time between now and when you achieve your goal increasing. Imagine it doubling. Imagine it tripling.

Notice the flood of thoughts. Notice how those thoughts are not so nice. Did you feel the hate building up?

I experience this whenever I get delays. I notice that delays bring out my worst traits.

I notice that the worst traits that come out as a result of my impatience screwed me over by making me rush things.

Many things I have rushed gave me worse consequences than not completing something.

Speed is a benefit of learning to master keeping your cool with the slowness.

As I write this, I remind myself to slow down. To breathe and take my goals slowly. Rushed work is never good. As we both go back to reality I encourage you to be conscious. To enjoy and take things one at a time.

I hope you enjoyed this exercise in patience. Thank you for reading.

Thank you for reading.

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