Hi there. I do apologize for the delays in the posts. I’m doing a big start from scratch project myself. Things have been crazy for me in the past few weeks. I’m taking my minimal changes in a whole different direction. I’m taking my life in a different direction.

I still want to contribute to you. I just need to make these changes myself first. I’m not as perfect as I look, I also rant, complain, and bitch about my challenges. I don’t want to turn you into a punching bag or a stress-ball that’s why I’m staying away for now.

I want to succumb to my inner darkness but I tell myself:

I am not darkness. I may think I am. I may act like it. I may live like it, resembled it. People around me may be it but I am not! I am a light. The darker things are the more I need to shine. It's true that light that burns twice as bright burn up twice as fast but it doesn't matter. The light that burns til the end, illuminates its surroundings and gives birth to new light.

In any case, I’m sure life will be peachy for the both of us.

I’m trying to forget about my rights to stay okay.

My old mentor taught me that every time I’m stuck, I should always remember that:

The answer is always there, you just haven't found it yet.

I’m looking for my answers so I’ll be disappearing for a while. Sometimes I forget that a few hundred people will see this later when I hit publish. Just head over to my archives or hit me up on twitter if you need anything.

Thank you for reading.

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