You set big hairy audacious goals. You write it down. You create a dream-board. You create a plan. You fantasize about it everyday. You convince yourself it fits in the grand scheme of things. After a few weeks, months, years depending on your adversity resistance, things turn sour. You still want the goal but the challenges and stuff you encounter make you feel miserable. You ask your self, is this “the right whatever” for me? You question your sanity. You count how far you are from your goal. You say “fuck it” but don’t want to give up. The truth is, it’s your fault. There’s nothing wrong with your goal. You’re not going through all those hurdles if you didn’t really want it. It’s do-able and achievable whatever the fuck your goal is. God isn’t trying to lead you away from it because your goal is not part of “His plan.” He allowed you to go that far and face the challenges because He’s sure you can handle it.

So what the heck is the problem? You, my friend, have acquired some pretty retarded thinking.

Let me explain.

Having goals gives you direction. Action leads you to your goals. You need to enjoy the journey to appreciate the destination. You’ve heard this before but you don’t understand it. Neither did I. I just recently understood the point.

The goals are pretty important but we spend more time thinking about it than working on it. We only want one end result and achieving our goals, our way, is the only way. We forgot that there are a billion ways to skin a cat and there are a wholebunch of possibilities to go through it and still get your goal in the end and so much more.

You might say this is too much a happy go lucky approach to doing things. I believe it sounds crazy and it might be slower or feels more uncertain but think about it. You’re moving forward. You let go of the obsession of your goals and plans. You’re still on track in the direction fo your goal. Faith or fear, it’s your choice. Would you rather stick there waiting for the prefect plan and tracking your lack of progress? I’d rather just enjoy the journey and have no regrets.

How will you move?

Thank you for reading.

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