20120218-212313.jpg Let me admit some of my problems publicly.

  1. I’m inconsistent.
  2. I have a lot of crappy ideas and only a few great ones.
  3. I don’t work well with keeping a schedule.
  4. When depression hits me it knocks me dead and I can’t do any work.
  5. I’m pretty lazy and I enjoy procrastinating.
  6. The results I want won’t happen if it stays in my head.

Which means I need to implement my experiment before anything happens.

That’s the reason why I decided to show up on the web everyday. I already do on twitter and Facebook so I thought why not just show up everyday here. This is a platform I own anyway so I better be here more often.

My fear starts another conversation and says but what if your work isn’t perfect yet. I have a feeling you get that conversation in your head too.

Well, the goal is progress and not perfection. That’s why I’m pushing publish as soon as I can. My work will get better as I show up everyday. Head over to the archives and checkout my older posts and see how I’ve changed. There’s a reason why I put that there.

Looking at the archives I learned that all my current strengths are last years major frustrations so with that in mind I figured that even if I don’t stress myself, goals will be accomplished and my situation will be better and the only faster way I know to improve is to show up so that’s what I’m doing.

Why makes you show up?

Thank you for reading.

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