I remember from a while ago whole talking to my dad we discussed how much of an influence I was on my little brother. He cited the example that a few years back, from the first couple of years that I started working, my little brother was copying how I always wore formal coats all the time. I got myself a black, semi trench formal coat from merger.

I’ve always wanted to wear coats when I was younger. Most of the bosses that I admired had one. I live in the Philippines, a warm and humid country, and wearing a formal coat is limited to air conditioned office areas and cars. I commuted and thought it may not be suitable, I always wore one. I maintained the look for a few more years. In fact, I got myself formal jackets o different sizes.

Since my brother got the look from me, the question you might have is that where did I copy wearing coats from?

I was too scared to admit this to my dad but I got the idea from movies, tv, and comic books.

There’s Neo from the Matrix, Blade the vampire hunter, Dwight McCarthy from Sin City and my favorite, Angel from Buffy the vampire slayer who got his own tv show.

Wearing a coat makes me feel totally badass, like I can do anything back then.

Of course things are different now and I now rely on the imaginary magical powers of the items I use a lot less now. Hehehehe.

I learned from the experience that what’s totally cool in the past might be totally silly in the future is that it’s okay. We learn, grow and mature as we move forward. We may not have a perfect record but I believe that things can get better over time as we start changing bit by bit. That’s why I chose minimal changes as a name for my website.

When I’m in job interviews I have a habit of sharing the story of how I suck in the past. I usually don’t complete the story because my interviewer interrupts me and says that I’m sure you’ve learned and improved from that, let me know what you can do now because that’s why we’ll hire you.

Past is past and although some people might continue judging you for that, there’s a lot more who’s interested in who you are now and what’s next for you.

I’d like to know who you are and what’s next for you. Introduce yourself in the comments below or by sending me an email.

Thank you for reading.

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