Do you have a relative that everybody loves and seems to be doing really well in life but after a tragedy (loss of a job, business, deal, loved one) sets out to lose everything to alcohol, smoking, sex, drugs, gambling, shopping, eating, etc.? They later get on a vicious cycle and downward spiral. After some observing, you notice that he/she can actually pick himself up, do a couple of things to change the direction of his/her life, and turn his/her life around but he/she doesn’t. This relative wallows in his/her pain and loss and is drowning in depression that nobody can pull them out from.

In fact, the loss of hope from what used to be such an amazing and positive person hurts just by watching.

That is the mystery of the Lasengero Effect.

At a point in my life, I lost my job, all my cash, my house, all my stuff, my confidence and my motivation to move forward.

My friend told me about the Lasengero Effect. It was a slap in the face, better than a pat in the back that woke me up and changed my direction. I got myself something better to work on, doubled my income and eventually gained all these things you see in my blog.

Back to the story and real life, are you “that relative”? Are you under the Lasengero Effect?


Thank you for reading.

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