It’s the time for another reevaluation and I’m counting how much stuff I own and figuring out what I’d like to get rid of. In case you’re wondering I got the Idea to count my stuff from Dave Bruno and the 100 Thing Challenge and Collin of Exile Lifestyle. After participating, I became more efficient and worried less. I’ll write about it in another post.

Here’s a list of my Less than 100 things. This is the fourth time I done this since I started Minimal Changes and this is the first time we’ll have pictures of my stuff. Yay! I’m using my friend’s camera for the shots. Here’s a bit of info about how I did it. a. Items that function together count as one so the Laptop, batery, charger, and case counts as one item. b. Consumables like toothpaste, facewash and other toiletries are not included since I change or replace them on a regular basis.

Here’s my list

  1. Backpack
  2. Bag
  3. Small Bag
  4. Laptop
  5. Notebook Paper and Pen
  6. Sony Erricson T303
  7. Nokia Phone
  8. Leather Shoes
  9. Casual Shoes
  10. Home Slippers
  11. Flipflops
  12. Gear Jacket
  13. Formal Jacket
  14. Collared Shirt - Black and Orange
  15. Collared Shirt - Black and Orange
  16. Collared Shirt - Dark Blue
  17. Collared Shirt - Dark Blue
  18. Collared Shirt - Blue
  19. Collared Shirt - Green
  20. Collared Shirt - Red
  21. Collared Shirt - White
  22. Collared Shirt - White
  23. Collared Shirt - White
  24. Maroon Shirt
  25. Red Shirt
  26. Blue Shirt
  27. Green Shirt
  28. White Shirt
  29. Shorts - Blue
  30. Shorts - Gray
  31. Shorts - Cargo
  32. Jeans - Gray
  33. Jeans - Dark Blue
  34. Jeans - Blue
  35. Work Pants - Pinstripe
  36. Work Pants - Gray
  37. Work Pants - Charcoal
  38. Dark Stripped Formal Shirt
  39. Purple Formal Shirt
  40. Gray and White Formal Shirt
  41. Gray Formal Shirt
  42. Gray Formal Shirt
  43. Gray Formal Shirt
  44. Blue Formal Shirt
  45. White Formal Shirt
  46. White V-necked shirt
  47. White V-necked shirt
  48. White V-necked shirt
  49. White V-necked shirt
  50. White V-necked shirt
  51. White V-necked shirt
  52. Underwear 8 pairs
  53. Socks 8 pairs.
  54. Two Towels
  55. Small Bible
  56. Wallet and contents Total number of items is 71.

Got a list of your own? Post it in the comments bellow.

Thank you for reading.

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