Two words that make tech savvy people like me unproductive: software tester. -Kevin Olega

It’s cool to have many abilities. The idea of being able to do a lot of things really get me excited. I’ve had that attitude with skills and tools. I collect skills, tools and apps that could help me.

It’s a total waste of time. While it feels cool to have a whole bunch of them, I later realized that the extras have hindered me from working on the few important things I needed to do.

When I got my iOS device, I spent two weeks just downloading and testing apps. Last year I did the same with social networks. I had a few social network profiles I update regularly and spent a lot of time networking and promoting yet I still haven’t written down everything I wanted to say on my sites.

What if you had no more than five apps or tool that you do use and we ignored everything else?

Its better to have a kick ass half than a half assed whole- Jason Friedman

iOS apps: Simplenote Wordpress Twitter iDone This Reminders

What I bring with me every day: iPod touch Phone Money clip with cash Nothing else

What I should be doing everyday: Wake up early Write one or two posts Get the top two tasks of my day job done before lunch Publish Get some rest

There’s not much else. I’m pretty sure you have an idea of what needs to be done. Are you building a top ten list or are you working on your top two?

Thank you for reading.

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