A few months ago a storm hit Manila. It was bad enough for our management to cancel the work day. Why am I writing about now? I’m deleting text messages in my phone and I found a message I sent my friend who asked me what I was doing that day. The power was down in most places and there is no TV and internet (which is pretty much what we’d do if we had to stay at home the entire day.)

I sent her this text: I don’t feel like writing today. I’m at home enjoying black tea, a bowl of lentils and watching birds take cover in our backyard while waiting for the beans to cook. I’ll take a long nap after.

My friend told me that not having things to do is driving her crazy. I told her its okay to be bored.

Enjoy the moment and find something to enjoy with what you have.

What do you do to cure your boredom?

Thank you for reading.

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