I recently noticed that people are talking about crimes, scams and heists. Earlier this morning the jeep driver and his friend was talking about how high the prices were and how the poor are affected and how unavoidable it is that some people will end up doing crimes and robbing people to feed their family.


You probably heard this before and this is a touchy subject so I’ll cut the story here and not take sides.

The truth is I also experienced poverty. Because we lacked the funding and I lacked the motivation early on I didn’t end up graduating from the best schools which by now that I think about it was really within my reach back then. So later on I took jobs that didn’t pay a lot and for several years I made less money than my college allowance. At some points I did eat peoples leftovers and I took the bus and used my Jedi mind tricks to avoid paying or used my ninja skills to slip past having to pay. I picked up a mobile phone but didn’t return it so I could use it for myself.

When I was in the moment it seemed practical. I sold myself the idea that it's the only choice. It's not the only choice.

I noticed that super practical methods isn’t something I’d like to pass on to my kids.

If the prices are high and you’re in poverty and you’re considering not doing the right thing then you’re trying to solve the wrong problems. I’m not suggesting don’t be affected by price increase like someone who doesn’t care if his or her family starves. If you have time to think of a crime then you have time to change your life.

Ask yourself: What can I do despite the limits I have that can get these things out of the way?

That solves most of it. Your situation maybe different so I’m leaving you with some tips and see what you can do with it.

1. Spend less than you earn.
  1. Write down and review all your expenses.

  2. Use Facebook time to study and increase your income.

  3. If you spend on booze or cigarettes and you lack some money you’re probably retarded..

  4. Aim to have less than 100 things.

  5. Make sure your house is clean.

  6. Now that your house is clean, you now have focus. Use your focus to think of an answer. Share your answers at the comments below.

Bonus tip: I’m not sure if you can do this too. Aim to have at least $2,000 in your bank account before buying your next gadget.

Thank you for reading.

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