For almost 10 years, I was brainwashed into believing that the way to go (to run a business or succeed in a career)was to be a professional, cost effective, value driven full service end to end solutions provider just like everyone else. I should then go on to compete with others by being the best and outdoing everyone else by being a one stop shop and having more of what every other business is doing.

It sounded like a good plan but if you let your common sense kick in you’ll understand why it’s not.

The statistic is that 90 percent of businesses die in less than 10 years. There are a few hundred theories and case studies that range from lack of capital to lack of brains of the business owner to lack of (insert product or service that can be bought or outsourced.)

The truth is because most people do not have the balls to use their brains and share their unique voice and get a “holy shit that’s so cool reaction.” What happens is they take the “safe side” and pretend to be like’ everyone else and working hard to be the best at everything.

In an attempt to be “safe”, nobody asks the hard questions anymore.

Who are you?

What do you want?

What do you have?

What can you do?

Hint: If you can look an me straight in the eye and give me your answer briefly without forcing me to ask “Are you sure?” That’s probably your unique voice and you’ll get your “holy shit that’s so cool reaction.” You’re doing great work. If not, then you probably need to keep thinking.

Thank you for reading.

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