The first part had been my favorite from the Bible since I started reading it. I imagined myself like Gaara from Naruto with sand always protecting him. I imagine my version would be God’s hand covering me from harm. with all the trouble, I got myself into, I might have said in the past that God might have withdrawn His wall of protection from me. I encountered this message and as I read it again I realize a few things:

  1. Nothing fatal has happened to me. Sure, I get a few rounds of depression every now and then but looking back,, whatever failure, loss or heartbreak doesn’t stay with me as I move forward. It’s not the end of the world and life goes on.
  2. I appreciate that God is forever when I realized that everything is temporary. When I started my minimalist journey I prepared myself to let go of my selfish ambition, my lofty goals, my material possessions, and even my finances. The only thing I wanted to keep for myself was . Like in the message in the picture above I was willing to trade all things I have to get her back. It’s a trait I’m trying to imitate from God. I’ll admit it’s not original but I want to copy it and have it in me as well. A year ago God gives and takes away a few things. My finances improved but slowly slipped away and no matter what I did, nothing seemed to get through to her. A few more goals I have are effortlessly achieved as draws far away. I remember how wicked I was at God that despite receiving blessing after blessing I let my pride say that I didn’t need Him and that everything can be achieved by my own effort. Now I can imagine how God feels. Whatever my situation is I believe that God loves me, has a plan and doesn’t make mistakes. This emotional roller coaster ride is probably just a plot twist that God is throwing at me to keep me from being bored. After all, God loves to give surprised. I now understand what “this too shall pass” means.
  3. I used to read the first part only about the protection and how God will always be there to save me. As I read on to the second part, I realize that God loves me that much. I know how hard it is to give away something important to you for someone you love and despite that you give it anyway. I realize how the Creator of the universe loves me that much. I realize how I can’t comprehend that. That all I can do is be thankful and there is nothing I can give back that he doesn’t already own. Now that I’m pondering it on the web, I realize that I can go through as many rounds of depression as I want and it will not change the fact that God’s love will stay with me forever and I shouldn’t worry.

Thank you for reading.

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