Walking by faith does not mean walking blindly. It does look like it to others and it sometimes does for myself. I recently acquired what looks like an abnormal sense of peace with the results I am receiving. I know everything is temporary and God is forever so I’m not too bothered by failure because I know it will pass, I can learn a thing or two and start again later. There is no pressure because I know that at the right time, I will get what God has promised. The past six years is a result of me being in charge of my life and looking at where it got me I am not happy with it right now but I am thankful for the experience because I know that each one can be used later in for my future challenges. I do not worry about a gloomy future because I know that God’s support is more powerful than any human effort.

I don’t underestimate the value of skills after all this is somehow a personal development blog. I work on mine regularly as well. I am not perfect but somehow I am not worried about it as much now because I know that I have the help of someone who is.

Thank you for reading.

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