Today is probably the best time to be alive because this is a time where we can learn skills and create a second self faster than ever. You can choose to be well rounded or be anything you want at any time because of the large amount of information available. You can be anyone you want and do anything you want to do literally.

Here are some dirty tricks I use to gain skills:

1. I read - find a book or use the internet to find materials on the skill or topic you want to learn. Google and Wikipedia cooperates nicely.
2. I copy - Great artists steal (link to article) and nothing is original. Don’t be ashamed of picking up stuff from somebody else. Think of others as your teachers. You can’t get a diploma from them but you can sure pick up skills and lessons from them, whether they like it or not.
3. I pretend to be good at it. - Fake it till you make it as others might say. When I started Minimal Changes, I pretended to be a minimalist til I became one. At work, I pretended to be an expert in sales and marketing then I became one.
4. I play when I practice - Since I’m going to put in a considerable amount of time to gain a skill I’ll just play with it and see where it takes me. When you play, you risk more and things are actually exciting. You don’t quit because you suck. You quit because you’re bored.
5. I pretend it’s my super power - Its not just a skill. It’s special. I wrote a whole bunch of posts about superpowers. Click here to read about it.
6. I put in 10,000 hours to master it - aha mastery mastery. I wrote in a previous post (link) about how to be a talented genius. The gist is if you work on skill for 10,000 hours you’re bound to get kick ass at it.

Thank you for reading.

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