The upside of being a minimalist is that I had more time to spend with people who are important to me. Before this move to minimalism, I was a corporate mercenary that took jobs just for money. I took on different projects and small gigs at the same time to add to cash. Being a minimalist made me realize that I don’t need a lot and that means I don’t need to earn as much which also means more time. Working on a lot of things made me forget who was important to me. A few months ago I started spending more and more time with my family. My business cap was screaming otherwise, but I’m glad I did it.

What would you wish you done before you died? Do it now, don’t wait before it’s too late otherwise your last thought on this planet will be regret.

In my case more than changing the world I care about people. I mean why change the world if you can have so much more if you contribute to the people close to you? Change starts inward. Your mind, then you, then people around you and so on. Do not complicate things otherwise you’re just trying to swallow an elephant whole.

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