The perfectionist inside us wants to do everything perfectly. Unfortunately, that’s just not going to happen. We just have about one thousand minutes to work with every day, and you have to choose your battles carefully and decide where you’re going to put your resources.

If you’ve been complaining about not having enough to go after your goals then maybe you can trade some of your unnecessary costs to make way for what is important to you. You can take a look at my list and copy it freely or make your own list.

What’s cool is that it can apply to this principle to your time as well.

I recently read a goal strategy by Scott of Reading for Your Success and it goes like this.

  • Write down your top 25 goals
  • Pick your top 5
  • Make sure your top five is your top 5
  • Focus on the top five
  • Work on the top five
  • Screw items number six to twenty
  • Do not work on any of them until you complete one of your top five.

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