Do you ever experience having something good to say, but the timing is all wrong?

I wash the dishes and clean the house when I’m having difficulty sleeping at night.

I listen to a podcast or do my chores in silence.

I then suddenly get an idea of what I’d like to say.

Hi Mom! I forgot to tell you. We’re going to the wholesale grocery next week. Do you want us to get anything for you?

Hi boss! I found this website that matches what you were looking for in our past conversation.

Hi friend. I’m selling this product, and I remember you mentioned that you’re interested. What’s your email? I’ll forward the info.

Hi friend! I just remembered this place that serves great shawarma. We should go there on our next hangout.

These are all good ideas.

Except, I’m having these ideas at 2 am or 3 am.

It’s cool if your phone has a scheduling function.

Sometimes the conversation happens on social media or email, phone calls, or in-person.

I used to put my conversation ideas in my journal or notes app, and the conversation gets forgotten because I write a lot.

Here’s a small hack that I discovered.

Use your Reminders app.

I use Things for iOS.

You can also use IOS reminders for iPhone.

You can use Google Tasks for Android.

I created a separate list called conversations.

I put the name of the person on the title of the to-do item.

I write what I wanted to say in the body or notes section.

That’s it.

I check my conversations during my downtime.

I also spend a minute thinking of what I want to say to people when I’m about to sleep.

I jot my messages in the conversations list.

Making an effort to remember consumes energy and keeps us awake.

Create a Conversations list in your to-do list.

Write conversation topics so you have the topic available for the appropriate time.

Hit done when you’re done.

Thank you for reading.

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