I’ve been answering questions on the Ready2Adult Facebook group.

Here’s one of the interesting questions that I encountered.

Is it normal to feel separation anxiety with my new work?

I mean, let me share my story.

I worked for a popular BPO COMPANY (back office) as a data analyst for almost three years.

That was my first job.

I studied secondary education and computer.

The pay was low at first because I had no job experience.

I only made ₱16,000 a month.

My pay increased to ₱21,000 after two years.

I’m used to the job.

I can do most tasks without a lot of effort.

It took me a while buy work is now easy for me.

I decided to look for a job where I can use my college education.

The company I work for had an opening for a technology job.

I got hired and started last Friday.

I became part of Software Quality Management.

The work is completely different from my past job.

The technical part will take a lot of getting used to.

The offer is generous for someone without any IT experience.

I made an extra ₱8,000 on top of my new package.

I also got a monthly bonus and other perks.

I’m now struggling with the IT experts.

I’ve been self-studying since we were working from home.

I participate in presentations every day.

I’ve been participating in meetings.

I’m beginning to doubt myself.

I’m starting to miss my old job.

I miss how predictable my old routine was.

I began comparing my experience to my past.

Is it normal to feel this way?

How do I overcome this overthinking stage?

I hope you guys share some insights about this.——


Growth is often painful or boring.

Do you plan to own a business one day?

Your success in business or your future career will likely reflect how you perform at your current job.

If you back down from the challenge, walang mangyayari sayo.

Yes mahirap sumabay sa expert kung beginner ka.

Your first goal is not to be the worst person.

Who is the worst performer?

Aim to match that person.

Pag okay ka na, aim to be better than that person.

Unti unti until you are decent at the field.

Ang progression is usually.

Worst, worse, bad, not so bad, not that bad, half-decent, somewhat decent, decent, quite decent, okay, dependable, you get the idea.

Focus on learning the skill.

What top 5 things do you need to learn?

What top 5 bad habits to you need to eliminate?

Who are the top 5 people you should learn from?

Who are the top 5 people that you should avoid?

What are the top 5 skills that you need to master?

What are the top 5 tasks that you need to do well?

What are the top 5 tasks that you need to do that are actually unimportant?

Who are the top 5 people that you need to build a relationship with?

What are the top 5 side projects that you can do outside of work to enhance your skills?

I guess the main problem is expert ka na sa previous job mo and parang white belt ka sa new job mo.

Re-establish a beginner’s mind.

Try to learn what you need to learn ulit.

Practice some humility and leave your ego at the door.

Palpak ka talaga sa umpisa.

What you choose to do next will determine the future.


Is it normal na makaramdam ng sepanx sa new work? I mean let me share my fresh story. Nag work ako sa sikat na BPO COMPANY (back office) as data analyst for almost 2 years and 8 months that’s my first job. After 2weeks makagraduate sa college as BSED computer nag work na. Nung una mababa sahod as expected walang job experience nag grab na ako sa BPO Back office I remember parang 16k lang package ko nun way back 2018 hanggang sa naging 21k After almost 2 years and 8 months na pag stay ko sa work and sobrang gamay ko na work ko (parang no-brainer na sya since processing sya makakabisado mo after the short period of time sobrang chill. Last year I decided to look some career na bago na magagamit ko pinag aralan ko. Nag internal job posting ako same company jump to technology field. Luckily nag start na ako last friday sa bago kong work (Software Quality Management - ASE) ibang iba sya sa genre ng trabaho ko before lahat technical. Good offer salary para sa no experience sa IT field almost 8k difference sa basic ko before except pa other additional salary benefits (monthly bonus, deminimi ect allowance) and na promote pa sa higher level effective on June pa even yung new package ng salary. But ang struggle ko now is ang hirap sumabay sa mga expert IT. Lahat self study since wfh, everyday presentation, everyday deliverables meeting and nagkakaroon na ako ng doubt sa sarili ko. I am starting to miss my old job (siguro ijajudge nyo ko sa way na to) I miss my old job na alam ko na gagawin ko everyday na chill. Nag start ako magkaroon ng comparing from my job responsibilities before, sa mga workmates na nakasanayan ko ng kasama and all sa nature 🥲. Is it normal to feel this way? How to overcome my overthinking stage. Hope you guys give me some insights about this.——

Thank you for reading.

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