20120913-033702.jpg I stayed up till three am to listen to Apple’s keynote about the new iPhone 5 and surprisingly a new iPod touch is also announced. This time it has the iPhone 4S ‘ A5 chip and a five mega pixel camera. I think it’s awesome. I can take better pictures and play the newer and I’m expecting more awesome games and I’ll be using the new iPhone 5’s four inch screen to type better.

Then I paused and held my iPod touch. It was a memento from someone very special and had the same effect on me as someone holding on to a past loved one’s item as if it was their hand. Cheesy as it sounds this had grown on me.

Then logic kicked in. Whatever the heck I can do with the new upgrade I can already do well with my current iPod touch.

I’ve typed a good number of the posts from the iPod touch to almost all of my sites.

I’ve taken awesome pictures.

I use it to manage my money.

I use it to take notes and write blogposts.

I use it to browse the web, read and go on my social networks.

It replaced my laptop for the quick stuff I do on a computer.

A camera, screen and speed upgrade doesn’t seem to be worth shelling out $300 since I do most of the tasks I do on it already.

Earlier today, before I realized that the official Apple announcement was today, I asked myself the question…

What is the highest possible item I can get and is it worth it?

I was playing a game in that context. I was thinking of armor for a character that doesn’t fight directly.

I realized that I didn’t need it. I have strengths that make my character function without the use of the upgrades. Doing so would be taxing that it would impede the growth of strengths I already had.

The new armor is shiny. But I would have to allocate resources just to be able to use it. As a result I could spread myself too thin. I also realize that by not buying the armor I made more money in that game than I did in the past ten years of playing the game but I’m starting to go off topic already. This could be a lesson for not buying as well but I’ll leave that for a different time.

After the excitement from the Apple event had subsided, I realized that I had played

I still find the new iPod touch awesome. But instead of shouting in my ear and the beating of my heart that voice is just a whisper now. Just as this iPod touch I’m typing on had helped me with my iPhone envy.

I’ll continue to use what I have and do what I can as I face even more exciting things in the future.

Are you upgrading or not? Why? Consider sharing in the comments below.

Thank you for reading.

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