My full name is James Kevin Lopez Olega

My mother's bloodline is from top-notch educational professionals. My grandfather is a survivor of World War 2 in the war torn area outside of the city. My grandfather started his career as an errand boy and had reached officer level and became one of the most trusted employees in one of the top multinational oil firms. My grandmother's family has a strong reputation of intellectuals and educational professionals who taught, nurtured and mentored some of the country's leaders in business and government by devoting their lives to education and government service. My mom was also a model for Mobil Oil's Marketing campaigns and had appeared in TV and print media on several occasions.

My Father's Bloodline is from business experts and eccentric artists. My ancestry, from Ferdinand Magellan's most trusted frontman, who later became one of the richest Spanish conquistador's in the Philippines, to  Jaime and Rogelio dela Rosa the most famous actors and public servants to my Grandmother Gloria, the business prodigy, who her younger cousin former Philippine President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo was named after because she transformed 100 pesos into a fishing fleet and a personal real estate empire. My Dad is a talented musician and he had used and adapted his skills in building several multi-million deals and business from a couple of his other hobbies.

My list could go on. But I'll have to stop here. You must know. I am special and so are you. If you look long enough and hard enough I'm sure you'll find enough evidence in your bloodline.

Do you consider yourself a Christian? You are the son/daughter and trusted partner of the One who controls all things. The most powerful being in the universe listens to you.

I'm sure genetics only has a minor factor in succeeding but you have to admit, you do get an explosive confidence boost from it.

Looking at the list, I suddenly felt that I had no excuse to act miserably. I'm confident that after you look at yours I'm sure you will too.

You are not human scum.

You will never be pathetic even if you try.

Most people act like trash because they see themselves as trash.

The truth is you are royalty. Better start acting like it.

Thank you for reading.

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