Write this down.

But I don’t want to miss the flow of what I’m writing.

This is more important I said to myself.

Go to the next page and write it as it gets dictated to you.

By who?

You’ll find out soon enough.

(Flips over to the next page and positions hand to write)

Death spoke to me in a dream and said I only have a few years left. He said he’s taking case of of since I was young and making sure I understood the value of life. He said he knows me well and that its best not to negotiate. I’ll be given enough time to live.

“I don’t have to figure it out” I said to myself when i realized he was not speaking to of but projecting thoughts in my mind. This is not final destination. I have no grudge with you. You need not mourn nor weep nor spend time to ponder this. Have some balls my friend. You have things to do and people to see and hearts to touch. I know your hands are full so don’t waste your time preparing for my arrival. Your mortal friends deserve the honor of your remaining time than I do. Its good that I don’t need to tell you not to lose your head or go schizophrenic on me. You always were the calculating one. The one who always wants to know. You will face more near death situations than you think but I will let you know that it’s not your time to go. Do not test me or force of to pick you up sooner. As you get off this bus know and remember my gift to you. Live your life and don’t worry too much about it because just like with everyone else I am coming for you.


Thank you for reading.

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