There is value in persistence.

There is value in mental toghness.

There is value in enduring hardship.

There is also value in sustainability.

There is value in you.

It may be true that life can behave like a battle or a war.

However, life is not always a battle or a war.

We appreciate a pattern that has both object an space.

If we persist 100% of the time, we’re likely going to feel depressed.

If we push forward 100% of the time, we’ll either be fatigued or injured.

There are a lot of attractive pursuits.

I want to be a master martial artist.

I want to be a CrossFit athlete.

I want to be a long distance cyclist.

I want to be an expert home chef.

I want to be a master businessman.

I want to be a skilled writer.

I want to be active at church.

I want to be a good family member.

I want to be a good person.

I want to master different games.

My ambition and persistence get me to push hard.

You can burn yourself out.

You’ll be incapable of continuing.

If you’ve taken on too much, and level is making you feel bad, stop and walk away.

You can always come back later.

Life has upcycles and down cycles.

Push harder when you have the energy.

Take care of yourself.

Take care of your mind.

Take care of your body.

None of the above fields are serious anyway.

Take the opportunity to reset.

Thank you for reading.

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