I’m a big fan of Minimalist writers like Leo Babauta of Zen Habits.

Unfortunately these people are from the States and I’ve learned the hard way that you can’t go with only one pair of pants if you live in the Philippines because pants get stinky when reused after being soaked in sweat.

So here’s my current list of lower covering.

2 Pairs of Jeans.

This is just the perfect number for me. I wear shorts most of the time and having a main and backup jeans work well for me if I need to dress up a little on weekends.

2 Pairs of Formal Pants.

I don’t work in an office anymore but I do go to formal and semi-formal situations every now and then.

One black pants and one gray slacks.

I want to leave it at just one pair but I’m aware that shit happens and you’ll want a backup pair when you get a tear or damaged zipper.

Also, rainy season means it’ll take a while for washed pants to dry up.

1 hiking pants.

(Optional. I don’t use this all the time but I enjoy using them when I get the opportunity)

6 pairs of gym shorts.

I try to workout everyday and use this pair

4 pairs of board shorts.

I rotate three pairs for going out.

One pair is for swimming and one can be my back up for workouts.

The only downside is that pockets aren’t very comfortable carrying a wallet, phone, keys so you’ll need a bag when going out.

4 pairs of boxers. I use these as lounge shorts and for sleeping.

16 pairs of underwear. (Will probably pare this down to 12).

Things I’ve gotten rid of:

  • Cargo shorts. Board shorts are lighter, Quick drying and cooler during summers.
  • Denim Shorts. No mor Jorts.
  • Skate shorts. I found these heavy after starting to wear boardshorts. Let these go.

For board shorts I’ve gotten mine from sales at Volcom and Quick Silver. Workout shorts are from Proven. Uniqlo workout shorts look good too. Not sponsored.

What’s your list of pants/shorts?

Thank you for reading.

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